Thursday, November 21, 2013

back after 2 years

akhirnya baru la dpt tngok blog aku ni..after 2 years..haha bajet busy je..
(padahal da kurang Overtime time keje :p) ok back to objective of this blog..
As a mechanic ; my job scoop is to assist engineer to do their job
(in my case- maintenance of the aircraft)
As a explorer ; my job or should I say responsibility to explore places and
try my best to describe/show to all of you Allah`s creation.

so dalam 2 tahun ni aku da pergi ada la 2,3 tempat like New Zealand, Korea
and some place dalam negara. I`ll try to post about that later

here some sneak peek
camper-van @New Zealand
N seoul tower @Korea
 mini-replica @Legoland
manukan island @Sabah